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Chapter 52 Arrive at Army

  • “But she is responsible for some of the work, and even if I ask someone else, she’ll have to hand over the work at hand!” Julian did not give in because of Christian’s words. He still insisted on his own opinion.
  • “Could it be that a company stopped operating because of the resignation of a secretary?” Christian looked at Julian and asked mockingly.
  • “She is not an outsider. Isn’t she my Sister-in-law? She only went to help for a few days. She can go to the army anytime.” Julian did not compromise and looked at Christian, refuting him.
  • “Just because she is not an outsider, she should avoid arousing suspicion!” Christian said coldly.
  • Julian’s mouth twitched when he heard Christian’s words. He wanted to refute again but was interrupted by Ethan.
  • “Enough! You can find someone to arrange Sarah’s work yourself! Christian, Sarah, you have to leave early tomorrow morning. It’s not early anymore. Go back and sleep!”
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