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Chapter 61 Am I too Useless?

  • Sarah saw Christian was still fiddling with his new cane, so she packed up everything in the living room and put the dangerous things aside. Then she walked back to the sofa and helped him put the cane under his armpit. She supported him to stand up.
  • Christian tried to move his feet and found that he could use some strength in his feet. He tried to walk two steps and found that it should not be a problem to walk with this cane. He looked at Sarah and a smile appeared on his face.
  • “I didn’t expect that I would stand up again.”
  • “Of course you can stand up. It is only a matter of time.”
  • Seeing that he finally took the first step, Sarah was secretly happy for him. She happily walked in front of him and encouraged him to continue forward. “Do your best. You have no problem. You can do it.”
  • Seeing his wife so happy, Christian’s mood improved a lot. He moved his feet and continued to walk forward.
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