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Chapter 54 Help Him Going to Bathroom

  • As soon as she said that, everybody burst into laughter.
  • Sarah looked at everyone’s happy faces and then looked at Christian, feeling a little uncertain in her heart.
  • Christian smiled. “Silly, you were fooled. They lied to you.”
  • Easton looked at Sarah and shouted with smile, “Sister-in-law, let me tell you the truth. Our Regimental Commander really doesn’t have any nicknames. But since you have one, our Regimental Commander will be called Yama King from now on.”
  • When Sarah heard his words, her face turned red. Seeing that Christian wasn’t angry, she also laughed.
  • Dinner was ready very quickly. Not long after the military wives gathered together, a table full of sumptuous food was placed on the table. Everyone then sat down.
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