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Chapter 17 Stop Them from Getting Married

  • Julian had always felt sorry for Sarah and Christian. He knelt on the ground and did not move, allowing his father to kick him. “Dad, I also know that I had let Sarah down. I had let Big Brother down! But I can’t just control it. You kick me! If you kick me a few more times, I will feel better in my heart.”
  • Benjamin looked at the scene in front of him and slammed his hand heavily on the armrest of the sofa. “Sigh! What a sin! When did such a thing happen in our Cooper family? Julian, you really disappointed me!”
  • “Grandpa, I am sorry…” Julian lowered his head in shame. Right now he really did not know what to say other than sorry.
  • Benjamin sighed again and looked at Ethan.
  • “Ethan, sit down first! Christian’s wedding is the day after tomorrow. We need to do what to do first. Sarah and Christian’s marriage registration is already a fact. But the two of them have no relationship and the Wilson family help us very much. If we really let Sarah marry Christian, it will hurt her for rest of the life. We can’t let that happen!”
  • When Julian heard these words, which exactly what he meant, his eyes lit up and he straightened his back. “Grandpa, you are right. They have no feelings at all. If we really let them marry, we will harm Sarah!”
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