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Chapter 35 Who Was That Man?

  • Sarah took the bus to the supermarket and bought some vegetables and meat. She thought that Christian was not in a good health right now, so she added more nutrition. She bought a peasant, a fresh crap and a box of milk. Then she paid the bill and left the market. Because she bought so many things, she thought of hiring a taxi and went to Christian’s apartment.
  • But she did not know what was going on today, after waiting for half an hour, no taxi was willing to stop. Just as she took out her phone and wanted to call Jayson, a BMW X5 stopped in front of her.
  • “Mr. David!” Seeing that familiar figure, Sarah smiled and her bad mood instantly swept away! She saw David coming out of the driver seat and smiled happily.
  • David smiled and walked in front of her. He picked the things on the ground and was about to put them in the trunk when Sarah suddenly stopped him.
  • “Mr. David, I have something to do today. Go ahead and do your work!” She was going to Christian’s house. If she let David sent her there, she would be embarrassed.
  • “It’s okay. I just came back and just walking around. You are being polite to me. Get in the car!” David ignored Sarah’s objections and put the things in the trunk.
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