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Chapter 66 You Must Not Wake Up!

  • “Okay! I’ll tell my father tonight. I won’t let you wait any longer.” After venting, Julian felt comfortable and immediately agreed Vivian’s request.
  • “No! Don’t look for your father yet!” Vivian heard Julian’s words and denied his words.
  • “Why?”
  • “This time you should use a roundabout strategy. You should start with your mother. First convince your mother, then convince grandpa. Finally when you stand together, you can talk to your father. When the other two are already on your side, your chances of winning will be much higher, right?”
  • Julian listened to her analysis and kissed her with smile. “I did not expect you to be so smart. What you said makes sense! Let’s do it this way.”
  • “Christian and Sarah are already husband and wife. Although they went to the army together, they will come back eventually. During this period of time, they might develop feelings in the army. At that time, they will return to Cooper family together. If I hadn’t entered your family yet, you would have to watch the two of them fall in love all day along!”
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