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Chapter 80 Julian and Vivian’s Wedding

  • “Then let me rub it for you…” Sarah felt a little sorry as she reached out her hand to pinch his right arm and massaged it back and forth for a long time. Then minutes later, she looked at him and asked slowly, “How is it now?”
  • “Forget it. Help me up.” Christian shook his hand, indicating for her to help him up.
  • Sarah nodded, bent down and supported his neck to let him sit by the bed. Seeing that his arm could not be lifted, she took the shirt and slowly put it on for him. As she put it on, she could not help but say, “Aren’t you a soldier? Your hand hurt so much in one night?” What if you marry a wife in future and she insisted on sleeping on your arms…
  • Sarah swallowed the words that came after and saw that he did not have any reaction. She then silently helped him tie the button.
  • He silently looked at her exquisite little face, looked at her rising and falling chest, then suddenly reached out to wrap around her waist.
  • Her body instantly stiffened, and her hands stopped moving. She lowered her head and stared at him. “What are you doing?”
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