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Chapter 79 If You Get Angry, I’ll Kiss You

  • “I’m sorry.” Thinking of the scene just now, Sarah lowered her head in embarrassment.
  • “It’s fine. You didn’t do it on purpose. Help me out first.” Christian didn’t get angry. He just looked at her and instructed her lightly.
  • “Okay.” Sarah immediately walked over to help him sit in the wheelchair and pushed him out of the bathroom door.
  • When they sat by the bed, she helped him find an underwear to change into. Because of the towel covering him, there was less awkwardness. She also found a new pair of shorts to help him out it on.
  • After everything was done, she helped him lie down on the bed.
  • After helping him, Sarah took her pajamas and went to the bathroom. After a quick shower, she went back to the bed and lied down next to Christian.
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