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Chapter 73 You Will Follow Him

  • “That’s a military hospital and that’s not far away anyway. Let’s go.” The woman who was carrying the child waved her hand and prepared to leave.
  • Sarah thought of Greta. She took out her phone and quickly called her. She told Greta the situation and the later asked them to wait there and she would come over to pick them over.
  • When the other two women heard this, they immediately looked gratefully at Sarah. “Sarah, thank you so much!”
  • Sarah smiled and carried the child and two women out of yard. They waited for a while. After a few minutes, they saw a military green off-road vehicle driving over and stopping beside them.
  • Greta got out of the car and let the three of them sit in the car properly. Then she drove the car quickly towards the arm hospital.
  • The hospital was very close only five minutes away. But if they walked over, it would take 20 minutes. Because Greta was there, Battalion Commander Connell’s wife and children were treated quickly. But there was no one to take care of the child, so Sarah could not leave for the moment.
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