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Chapter 50 You Found an Outstanding Man

  • “Commander Cooper made the right choice. This pink suit suits you very well. You look like a little princess when you wear this dress. How did Julian react when he saw you these two days? He must be in a bad mood.” Thinking about this, Kendall felt somewhat relieved.
  • “I came to find you today to talk about this matter…” Sarah sighed lightly as she spoke.
  • Kendall immediately stopped in her tracks and looked at her nervously, “What is going on? Could it be that he is harassing you?”
  • Sarah shook her head and did not want to describe him too embarrassingly. “He is trying to persuade me to leave Christian…”
  • “He is really crazy! He betrayed you, and now he still wants to interfere with your life! Who are you marrying, does this have anything to do with him?” Kendall could not help but get angry when she heard that.
  • “He might be also be worried that I am not happy…” Sarah said as she looked down. That man was after all the person she once loved.
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