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Chapter 53

  • Nick's POV
  • I groaned as the sunlight fell on my face. I could feel a weight on my left arm. Blinking open my eyes , I turned to my left to welcome the most beautiful sight of my life, my woman sleeping in my arms. I would absolutely love to wake up to such a sight every morning throughout my life.
  • Sophia's face looked peaceful and pure without a hint of worry and I wish to keep it that way only. All worries would be reserved for me and she would always be smiling and be at peace. The calmness on her face had a strange soothing effect on me and I couldn't afford to lose it for anything. It was as if her peaceful face had the power to keep my mind at ease.
  • She snuggled closer to me in her sleep and pressed her face to my chest. . I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her hair gently. The sweet smell of her was enveloping me .I could feel the familiar feeling of protectiveness towards her. I wished to keep her safe from every worry and every evil in the world. I needed her to be with me always, to keep me sane.
  • Last night has been the most blissful night for me. The feel of her soft body against mine and the way her body was responding to my touches, was something indescribable. I could never get tired of hearing her sweet moans when i would make love to her , when we would be chasing our highs.
  • I was brought back from my thoughts when she stirred in her sleep and after a few minutes, fluttered open her eyes. I mentally chuckled at how cutely she yawned. I sound so whipped right ? Well no denying, I am.
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