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Chapter 24

  • We were currently sitting on the sofa and watching the second movie. Ethan was leaning on Sophia while I had my arms around her. I liked being so close to her , her rose fragrance hitting my nostrils. The blueberry muffins were keeping us company and I must add they were equally delicious. I wonder if she even cooks this well.
  • After we had completed another movie , they were searching for the third one . I wasn't really enjoying the movie , but I wanted to be there and spend time with them.
  • I heard the doorbell ring.
  • " I guess it's the delivery guy. I will get it." I said getting up and Sophia nodded. She had insisted on cooking but she had already done baking and I didn't want to tire herself out in the kitchen. I could cook but sitting here definitely seemed a better option. So I had ordered pizza for us.
  • As I approached the living room , Sophia's head instantly snapped towards me. She widely grinned on seeing the box in my hand. I took it to the kitchen and after a few minutes the maids brought in the pizza, served in plates.
  • She and Ethan instantly dug in like they didn't have the muffins a while ago. But not more than a few bites and Sophia was full.
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