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Chapter 45

  • Sophia's POV
  • I didn't realise how long I had been here but it had been three days since I had first met my captor. The past two days have been absolute hell. The only thing I constantly feel is pain. Every part of my body hurts.
  • I have realised that Christina needs serious psychological help. She visits and looks for reasons to beat me up. Yesterday, when she saw that the bread was untouched , she started slapping and punching me. The day before that, I had zoned out and didn't hear what she was saying. I was broken from my trance when she started delivering kicks to my stomach.These two were instances when I had actually done something . From what I had observed from the bathroom mirror is that I had a bursted lip , black swollen eyes and bruised cheeks. There are dark purple bruises on my stomach from those kicks. The dry pieces of bread couldn't provide me enough energy to bear those beatings. I wondered in what state Dad and Mom were after knowing that I was missing. I so wanted to be in my Dad's arm when he would gently pat my head and I would feel better. I knew I was getting weaker as days passed but I wanted to live and be strong because I believed that Nick would come for me .I desperately hoped that I would get to hug Mom and Dad, that I would once again be with my son and him, at our home.
  • .........
  • Nick's POV
  • I just came out of the shower when I saw my phone ringing. The screen showed the name of my private investigator.
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