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Chapter 41

  • Sophia's POV
  • We instantly took off to see Ethan. When we reached his room, the door was wide open. Entering, I saw Ethan lying on his bed , his head stuffed in the pillow. I came closer and saw his body lightly shaking. Knowing that he was crying, broke my heart.
  • " Ethan, sweetheart-" I was cut off by Ethan.
  • " No , I won't go with her." Ethan said his voice hoarse from crying. His words shocked both of us. He thought we were here to send him to Clara!?
  • " You aren't going anywhere Ethan. She is gone. Look at us. It's me and your Mom." Nick spoke in a soft voice but it didn't convince Ethan. He still wasn't looking at us.
  • I sat down and gently caressed his head. After a few minutes, he sat up and turned around. His tear stricken face was enough to clench my heart.
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