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Chapter 26

  • " Why ? You never asked someone out ?" I was genuinely confused .
  • " Ofcourse I did but she .. I don't know.. I get nervous whenever I am around her. I never got this conscious around any girl but with her it's different. It's as if I will say something silly and she will want nothing to do with me." To think that he was the CEO of such a big company and he was stressed over asking a girl out, really amused me. But it's true that Char has got the aura around her which makes people nervous.
  • " It's no rocket science. Just be yourself around her . She really hates fake people. Don't overstress. Initiate simple conversations and don't use cheesy lines to ask her out. Be cool about it." I suggested.
  • " You think this will do?" He seemed half-convinced .
  • " Ofcourse I know, she is my best friend and one thing more , don't bring up Nick in your conversations too much. She isn't really fond of him ." I added a slight warning. It's true. I never got the chance to tell her about Nick's changed behaviour. After that Christina incident at our house, she and Ryan avoided talking about Nick. Once , I tried telling them about his warm behaviour towards me. Char still didn't believe him while Ryan just kept quiet.
  • " Okay, but why ? " Caleb raised an eyebrow at me.
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