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Chapter 20

  • Sophia's POV
  • "Christina just leave right now and I told you, I don't love you! " He shouted and turned to look at me. I saw a hint of nervousness in his eyes but he tried keeping his calm expression.
  • " Nick , please . I know you are angry on me but I promise I won't ever ignore your calls . I am sorry baby , now please forgive me. " Christina said . Char was glaring at Nick while he looked dumbfounded.
  • " Calls ? What calls ? What the hell Christina? Stop making up stories!" , He shouted desperately.
  • " Baby , why are you so worried ? Because of her ? " She pointed her fingers towards me. " She can't do anything. Please, I can't do this anymore, I want to be with you and settle down with you. You said you love me, then what's stopping you ? " Christina said.
  • " Nick , what the hell is this ? If you're so in love with this girl then why did you marry Sophia ? " Char shouted while Ryan clenched his jaws.
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