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Chapter 47

  • Sophia's POV
  • I could hear a faint beeping sound. My head was hurting real bad but my whole body felt numb. I didn't want to wake up because I knew that once I am conscious, I will be beaten unconsciously.
  • But soon the beeping was clearer and louder. I opened my eyes only to close it again. After adjusting to the bright light I properly looked at my surroundings. I wasn't in the cold, dark room anymore. That's when everything came crashing down. Nick came , he saved me. My eyelids felt so heavy causing me to close my eyes and drift off to sleep again.
  • This time when I woke up, I felt a hand holding mine in it. I looked to my left to see Nick resting his head on the bed while sitting beside it. I looked at our intertwined hands. Although he was sleeping, his grip on my hand was firm , like he was scared to lose me again. I looked at his face. His hair was disheveled, there were dark bags under his eyes as if he hadn't slept in days. Even in his sleep his expression wasn't one of peace.
  • I brought up my other hand to run it through his hair but even at the slight movement, there was a sharp ache in my ribs. I couldn't stop the whimper that left my mouth and Nick bolted awake at that. He looked straight up at me and for a second it seemed like he couldn't believe that he was looking into my eyes.
  • " Sophia ." He spoke in disbelief. When I offered him a faint smile, his face broke into a large , genuine smile.
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