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Chapter 19

  • He shifted his hand from my mouth to cup my cheek. Without breaking the eye contact we both leaned forward. I closed my eyes and after what seemed like ages , our lips met.
  • His lips moved softly against mine. The kiss was slow and passionate. His one hand held me by my waist and he pulled me even closer while his other hand moved towards the nape of my neck. With one hand I was massaging his scalp and put the other hand on his shoulder to keep support.
  • He licked my lower lip , asking for entrance which I gladly granted. He was dominating the kiss and explored every corner of my mouth. We only broke the kiss when we were out of breath. I kept both of my hands on his shoulders while he used his thumb to brush my cheeks. He kissed the corner of my mouth before leaning back.
  • The rest of the ride was silent . I kept looking out of the window and we were soon at our home.
  • Before I knew I was in my room.
  • Quickly changing into a crop top and shorts, I came down to the kitchen.
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