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Chapter 52

  • Sophia's POV
  • Currently I was at the hotel room, changing into my night dress. We were currently at Bora Bora for our honeymoon.
  • Nick had planned our honeymoon a few days post my birthday. I didn't even know where we were going to before we arrived here. Surprise, as he said it was. I had literally tried seducing him into giving in but all in vain. But finally when I learnt that we were at Bora Bora , I was ecstatic and it was definitely worth the suspense.
  • Ethan was skeptical about leaving me out of sight and needed a lot of convincing and assurance from Nick before he agreed to stay with Mama and Papa.
  • Presently, Nick was taking a shower after we came back from dinner.
  • I had packed in some lingerie to prepare myself for the honeymoon. But right now I was feeling jittery. I was sure that I want to give myself to him, I was ready to consummate our marriage. But the nervousness was killing me. It was the insecurity about myself that was making me windy. I wasn't experienced and didn't exactly have the best body. My thoughts were about what Nick would think of my appearance.
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