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Chapter 23

  • " Sleep with me, please." I was surprised at this. I wasn't yet ready for this.
  • He must have seen my eyes widening at his words and he realised what it meant.
  • " I mean , I don't mean .. I am just speaking of sleeping , in my room , beside each other, on the same bed. I won't do anything ."I blushed at his words while he seemed nervous. Nowadays I see this emotion on his face a lot.
  • " Ok , let's sleep together. I will just change and come to your room ." He nodded and left.
  • My first date kept replaying in my head. When Nick said that he likes me , I didn't blush or anything because of his weird way but now remembering it, I was blushing so hard. I had a smile on my face while I changed my clothes.
  • As I was outside his room , I was nervous. This was the first time I was going to sleep in his room with him on his bed. Was this going to be the last time as well? I certainly didn't want that.
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