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Chapter 34

  • Nick's POV
  • I drove back to my house at full speed.
  • To say I was pissed at her was an understatement, but why? I deserved it.
  • I had hurt her, insulted her so many times and she forgave me. Now that she gives it back to me, I can't handle it . Why ? I deserved to be given a taste of the medicine that I had given her.
  • I shouldn't have come back like that. I should have pleaded until she gave in. But she must have been extremely hurt to say those words. Was she that mad at me? Now I really didn't know if I should approach her or not.
  • Everything was so perfect between us. I had beautiful mornings with us having breakfast together and peaceful nights with her sleeping in my arms. Why did I have to ruin every fucking thing?
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