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Chapter 40

  • Sophia's POV
  • Both of them lay down on either side of me. We were lying on our back , staring at the ceiling, without speaking, just enjoying each other's company. Suddenly I felt Ethan hugging my waist. I looked at him but he was hiding his face from me.
  • " What happened baby ?" I thought he will shout at the name I used . He looked up at me and smiled, completely overlooking that I called him baby.
  • " I had always dreamt of mornings like this. All of my friends have their Mom and Dad and I used to be so sad that my mom isn't with me. But then you came. Now I have my own happy family. " He grinned showing all his teeth. I was at a loss of words after what he said. He expressed it so easily in simple words but I didn't know what to say. So I just kissed his forehead and smiled at him. I felt Nick interlinking our fingers . I looked at him to see him staring at me with so much ... love ? I don't know maybe adoration in his eyes. Squeezed his hand gently , I smiled at him. What I felt was pure bliss.
  • Ethan propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me to say something but stopped. His face was showing so much of concern. He brought his hand to gently touch my cheek.
  • " What happened?" I froze realising that he was referring to the bruise. I couldn't come up with a lie but Nick did.
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