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Chapter 51

  • Nick's POV
  • I was up and as usual , Sophia was still sleeping in my arms, looking as innocent as ever. I slowly stroked her hair while staring at her face.
  • Last night I was nervous as hell. I came home early with the cake and the necklace to surprise her but as the time was coming close , I was freaking out. When Ethan left the room , I could feel my heart beating at an inhuman speed but I had to say it. I couldn't afford to not confess my feelings to her.
  • I was skeptical about her reaction but when she said that she loves me as well, I was ecstatic. If anyone would have told me some months back that I would be so much in love with anyone, I would have laughed but now this is where I was.
  • I tried removing her hand but it only tightened around my neck. Giving up, I snuggled closer to her and next time when I opened my eyes, she wasn't there on the bed.
  • When I came downstairs, I saw her in the kitchen. She was wearing headphones and shaking her butts off to whatever song was playing while cooking something. I leaned on the wall outside and enjoyed the show she was putting on.
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