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Chapter 32

  • Sophia's POV
  • Nick turned to look at me but I didn't glance at him. Taking slow steps , I went and stood beside Ethan's bed. There he was lying with a bandage around his head. A number of tubes were attached to his small body. He looked so fragile that my heart clenched with agony . My poor baby!
  • I softly stroke his cheek and looked at his face for a few more minutes before the doctor arrived. He checked Ethan before speaking.
  • " Mr. Carter, Ethan's health is stable now but he has to stay here for a week or more than that but that depends on how well he recovers. If you want, one of you can stay the nights with him."
  • "Thank you doctor." Nick replied. After the doctor left, there was an uncomfortable silence between us.
  • " Uhh I will leave." I didn't wait for his answer. I closed the door behind me and went to where Char and Ryan were standing.
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