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Chapter 30

  • Sophia's POV
  • People were slowly gathering , murmuring while I looked on without even blinking. When Brandon slightly shook me, I finally came out of my trance. Without looking anywhere I ran to Ethan.
  • " Ethan !" I sat down beside him and took his head on my lap . Blood was trickling down his head. Never had I imagined of seeing such a sight.
  • " Ethan, Baby get up please . Look at me , Ethan ?" I was desperately pleading while tears were freely rolling down my cheeks.
  • " Leo, get him inside the car, fast." He took up Ethan and once I settled in, he put Ethan on my lap and started driving.
  • " Everything will be okay , you will be okay." I was assuring myself more than anyone. The ten minutes drive seemed to be the longest of my life.
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