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Chapter 39

  • Nick's POV
  • As soon as the words settled in her mind , her expression changed to one of hurt.
  • " W-why ? Are you- are you disgusted with me?" She was once again on the verge of tears. I was shocked at what she said. She thought that I refused to make love to her because I was disgusted with her. How could she even think of something like that?
  • " No baby, not at all. I can never be disgusted with you. But I can't make love to you now when you are so vulnerable and upset. I want our first time to be special , I want it to be beautiful. " I calmly explained while rubbing circles at the back of her hands. She seemed to understand and looked down.
  • " But I can definitely make you forget those touches." I leaned forward to kiss her eyes , then her nose and the corner of her mouth . I proceeded to kiss her jaws and then dragged my lips to her neck. I felt her shiver everytime I kissed. Planting a soft kiss there, I moved further down. I kissed every portion of her body to provide the comfort she was looking for. Finally I went up and captured her mouth in another long, passionate kiss , conveying my feelings, asking for forgiveness for not being able to protect her . I gently pulled her on to my lap and encircled my hands around her waist. She matched my fervour and kissed back passionately. After what felt like hours , I pulled back and rested my forehead against her's.
  • " One more thing , I don't need to make you mine. You already are mine. " I spoke , my breath caressing her lips. I felt her gently nodding .
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