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Chapter 50

  • Sophia's POV
  • It has been three weeks since I had my last nightmare and Nick was the one to pull me through it . From waking me up whenever I had a nightmare, holding me close to him and whispering assuring words in my ears to talking about my nightmares, he did them all. I couldn't help but fall deeper for the caring and loving side he has shown to me.
  • I love him, I love him with my everything but confessing it seems to be the toughest job on Earth. I am scared of his rejection. What if his feelings are not mutual ? What if he doesn't feel the same about me? Yes , he likes me and cares for me but love...
  • " Sophia , are you alright ?" I came out of my thoughts to look at Tyler and all my friends looking at me. Yeah, I have joined the office for two weeks now. Nick didn't want me to join so early but I was sick of sitting at home. Besides, taking undue advantage of being the boss's wife isn't something I appreciate much.
  • " Yeah , I am absolutely fine." He nodded at my reply.
  • " See you then." Skyler waved as we made our ways to the car. As I came to the parking lot, Nick's Porsche wasn't there. Instead Benjamin was there in another car.
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