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Chapter 46

  • Nick's POV
  • I had never been more nervous than I was as we had reached the location. It was a small house. There were some guards which were tackled by the cops , some were shot in their hands and knees. Finally when we entered the room at the farthest end, the worst sight of my life welcomed me.
  • Sophia was standing there being held by Christina.
  • Never in my life had I expected to see Sophia in such a state. She had swollen, dark eyes. Blood had dried around her nose and lips. Her face had dark brusises all over, her clothes were torn and whatever bits of skin it showed were bruised as well.
  • " Nick." A soft whisper left her mouth which was almost inaudible and as weak as she looked.
  • " Sophia." I knew my voice gave away the pain that I felt. I could not have explained how painfully my heart constricted at the sight of her.
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