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Chapter 21

  • Nick's POV
  • Today when I woke up , the first thing I saw was Sophia's face. She looked so peaceful while sleeping. We were facing each other . The sun rays falling on her brown hair and face, made her look so beautiful. I wanted to see her grey eyes that never fail to mesmerize me.
  • Looking at her, brought back memories from yesterday.
  • When Christina started with her story , I was really tensed that everyone would believe her and I was right. I could see in Charlotte and Ryan's expression that they were fuming. Even Erica looked away in disappointment while Caleb looked worried for me. But looking at Sophia , I couldn't read her expression.
  • I had never treated her well. Besides , she had seen me with Christina twice. She didn't know that me and Christina were never a thing and I regreted not protesting the day when Christina declared herself as my girlfriend in front of Sophia.
  • But when Sophia didn't believe a single word of her's , to say I was shocked , was an understatement.
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