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Chapter 27

  • I was broken out of the trance when Sophia cleared her throat. She must have noticed me staring at her . Her face was a deep shade of pink. I like it that she blushes so easily.
  • I went and stood behind her facing the mirror. Putting my hands around her waist, I spoke.
  • " You look beautiful Sophia . I don't know how am I going to remain sane throughout the party when you're with me , looking like a goddess. " I said bringing my mouth close to her right ear ,without breaking eye contact.
  • She sucked in a deep breath to steady herself but was failing miserably. I felt her shiver when I kissed her neck. She had her eyes closed and I was happy to know that I had such an effect on her.
  • "We should leave right now or.." I trailed , dragging my finger on her arm. "we won't be able to leave the room at all." I huskily said and she shuttered a 'yes'.
  • Offering hery hand , I led her out of the house.
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