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Chapter 9 Life on the island

  • And of course that will happen, Mr. Havet agrees to the condition that his ex-wife offers, he will become a good father and provide for his young daughter until adulthood. Contrary to that, Mrs. Dixi was extremely upset, she did not understand why Havet did this, when it had to cost more money to bring another child into the foster home.
  • But she is not too narrow-minded, she thinks that maybe she will be a new pleasure for her to torture and abuse, if she is able to work, she will become an unpaid worker for family. Dixi as efficiently as possible without her having to spend extra money to hire someone else. Just thinking about that makes Dixi satisfied, so she easily accepts raising Jane like any other child, only she won't love Jane as much as her own son.
  • Jane since moving home to live with Mr. Havet's family, she has never had real joy because she is surrounded by mostly unnamed sadness. Jane is cared for and raised by Mr. Havet and Mrs. Dixi but she does not seem to feel it, she only receives estrangement and abuse from Dixi and her cousin Ruben.
  • And every time like that, there is something sad or resentful, Jane immediately runs over to Mrs. Omot's house for temporary shelter. She sometimes took Jane to the hospital to visit her mother, at such times Jane hugged Pearl even tighter, the little girl hugged her poor mother and cried all her tears, Jane always wished that her mother would soon recover quickly to be able to return home with her but unfortunately that is very difficult to do.
  • Life went on like that, in the following years Ms. Omot got old and her old disease recurred more, she was forced to go to a nursing home for daily monitoring and treatment, so from now on, Who can help Jane anymore? The little girl had to surrender to her fate, resigned and grew up.
  • Mr. Harvet knew that, when he saw Dixi beat and scold Jane, he immediately tried to intervene because with him, Harvet wanted to take advantage of his love to make Jane obedient and stay in one place for his own purposes.
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