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Chapter 54 Confidential words

  • He slowly approached and sat down to look at the sleeping Wendy, he gently used his hand to take the sharp wooden stick out of Wendy's hand, but an unlucky thing happened to him. She was startled awake, grabbed the tree and pushed him away. Wendy was confused to realize her current situation when she carelessly fell asleep again, failing to carry out her original plan to ambush and attack Henry. So she had to change her plan.
  • Meanwhile, Henry was surprised that he could not react, he sat up to hold her tight, but Wendy hastily brought a sharp wooden stick to her neck and shouted:
  • “Henry, you better not come near. I warn you."
  • Henry was extremely surprised by Wendy's actions, he did not handle this dangerous and difficult situation in time. So Henry quickly soothed and reassured her:
  • "Calm down. I won't do anything and I won't touch you now either. Please put it down.”
  • Wendy loudly said:
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