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Chapter 29 Predator

  • In the deserted night with the chilling wind, Jane sat in a rotten tree to hide, she felt pain in her leg, so she tore off some cloth on her sleeve and bandaged the wound on her leg. Jane tried to move a little, but it was still quite painful. Jane realized that now that it was dark, she herself could not be in the dark with these legs, which was quite a risky thing. In addition, she was tired and exhausted from running around until now.
  • But she wanted to go now, because it was a rare chance for Jane to run away. So she lifted her legs and was about to get out of the place, but fatigue and sleepiness held her back. Jane suddenly leaned her head on the tree and fell asleep without realizing it.
  • The night enveloped the maid and enveloped her. When it was early morning, the call of an owl near that place startled her awake. Jane discovered that she had overslept in this place since last night. She quickly stepped out of the place and realized that it was not quite morning yet. This is a good opportunity for Jane, she must not miss it again.
  • The surroundings were gradually becoming clearer, it was no longer the pitch-black darkness like before, and the wound on her leg after a night of rest was much less painful. Jane took advantage of those and tried to run as fast as possible, she longed and expected to see the fenced place more than ever now.
  • Finally, after a while of running fast, Jane reached her destination. Only the sun was already high in the sky by now and everything became more pronounced with the light of day. That way Jane can be more easily discovered by others and that is dangerous.
  • She looked around and felt more restless and insecure, Jane didn't have much time, she had to quickly break this huge lock and chain, otherwise Jane would not be able to escape from this place. This was the only precious opportunity she had now, so she had to cherish it even more.
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