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Chapter 11 Be sold

  • Today is a special day for Emi, so Jane has to finish her work as soon as possible to get to Emi's house. And finally, after a morning of rushed work with assigned tasks, she was able to free her hands a bit and run to Emi's house. As soon as she saw Jane coming, Emi, who was concentrating on making sand in the yard, had to give up halfway to run to Jane and hug her. The white haired older sister led her little sister Emi inside the house to give presents. Jane happily took a small bag from her skirt and said:
  • “Emi, happy birthday. This is my gift to you.”
  • Emi took the gift in her hand, she opened the small bag and saw a necklace made of shells, the little girl smiled happily and quickly hugged Jane and thanked her.
  • Jane helped put the necklace on Emi's neck, just finished wearing it, Emi suddenly remembered something and immediately ran into the house to get a picture to give to Jane excitedly. Jane looked at the picture and exclaimed happily:
  • “Is the one you drew me? Its very beautiful."
  • Emi smiled and replied:
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