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Chapter 7 Bad thing

  • About two hours later, Jack was driving home, he carried a sack of things in the yard, and wearily walked into the house. He had seen the bicycles of the two Lawrence children before he entered, so he guessed that his house must have been destroyed when the scene was ruined with the same scattered furniture as the day before, all of them caused by Matthew and Brian.
  • But contrary to his thoughts, the house seemed to be quiet when he entered, Jack was surprised by that. So he went around the house looking for the two kids, and did not see them until a moment later, only when he entered Daisy's room to ask about Matthew and Brian did he panic when he witnessed a horrible scene that he never thought of, unbelievably between her and the children looking like this.
  • Even in a dream, he could not have thought that his woman would do such disgraceful and evil actions with two children. He was very angry and rushed over, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the room to interrogate , while Daisy was surprised by his actions, she was still dreaming in her sleep when lying next to the two of them, two kids on bed without clothes. Daisy was dragged into the living room by Jack, she looked at Jack without fear at all, but smiled with amusement, which made him even more mad, he shouted:
  • “You surprised me, Daisy, a bad woman like you, I have to be on guard. You won't even let go of the children?"
  • Daisy laughed and replied:
  • “Honey, why are you so angry? You're jealous of me with the kids, aren't you?"
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