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Chapter 13 Running away

  • Jane shivered a bit when Wendy mentioned it, but she also foresaw it, she'd have to do the job sooner or later. All that night, Jane could not sleep, she lay in bed thinking silently, she thought about her bitter fate and really wanted to find a way to escape here. But when he recalled the scene today, a girl was brutally beaten to death for trying to escape, and Demut's angry eyes looked at girls like Jane with strong threats, Jane's heart softened and tremble more than ever.
  • Because she was too weak to fear that she would be killed if she escaped or maybe it was just a temporary excuse, it was actually due to her shy nature and lack of resistance or courage rise up, fight for freedom strongly in her place.
  • While Jane was engrossed in her own confused thoughts, a scream of a girl screaming loudly made everyone in the room startled awake.
  • Jane looked around and discovered that there was only her, Wendy and another girl in the room, and the other two girls were probably called by Demut to train before, without Jane noticing. Here people don't have pajamas if they are still in the training period given by Demut, so all three girls are wearing the thin skirts that Demut has been distributing during the past few days. It is really uncomfortable because it's pretty dirty with smells bad, and even Jane herself is extremely uncomfortable with it, but she's been here so Jane has to accept it.
  • Jane and Wendy turned on the light and went to the door to see what was happening outside, Wendy noticed that there was no one outside, so she pushed the door open and motioned for Jane to follow her out. The two went to the main room of the basement and saw the body of a man with a knife in his chest bleeding all over his luxurious vest along with several people with gunshot wounds lying paralyzed on the ground. Besides, a hot-dressed beautiful girl, looking at everyone around her with a panicky expression and losing her temper with a pistol in her hand, more specifically she pointed the pinned gun at Demut's head that she trying to hold body of that woman in her arms.
  • Demut panicked a bit, telling everyone to back away so this young girl moved slowly to the outside of the bar. Jane realizes that the person holding Demut hostage is none other than Melly, a girl who lives in her room. It was Melly who had been chatting happily with her this morning, but now this happened because of this.
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