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Chapter 20 The second item

  • Before finding the second item, the ashtray, Jane had to go to the housekeeper Allen to submit in the book, which was also good for her as Jane didn't have to bother carrying the book with her to continue the search for his request. On the other hand, Jane is a very clumsy person, if she carelessly forgets the book somewhere, then it takes effort to find it again, which is really a waste of time.
  • So it was the best thing for Jane to turn over what she found to Allen. After she ran to the place where Allen had submitted book, Jane struggled to think of the people and places that could use the ashtray. According to the information that Jane had asked from a servant, almost everyone in the family used tobacco except Chesa and Hazel, so there were only three people left: Mr. Wibul, Matthew and Brian. But something is wrong here, does Brian smoke? Jane suddenly remembered to herself, in all the time she had been in contact with him, Jane had never smelled tobacco on him. It turns out that Brian doesn't smoke as she once thought.
  • Now it seemed that only Mr. Wibul and Master Matthew remained, where Jane was standing closer to Mr. Wibul's residence, so she decided to go there and find him first. Jane looked at the clock hanging on the wall in a large room, she panicked more when the time had passed one hour and fifteen minutes, the time was getting smaller and shorter, so she had to hurry and be more agile. .
  • Jane ran all the way to Mr. Wibul's room under the guidance of a servant she encountered on the lobby. After searching for a while. Jane also arrived, it was a very luxurious and large room with elaborately carved objects and a few servants waiting to hear the order at the door.
  • Perhaps it was now Mr. Wibul's lunch hour, and he wanted to have a private meal with his new wife inside the room. Jane has arrived, she really wants to come in but is confused as to how to say it? Because that would disturb Wibul's lunch.
  • He was happily eating his meal when he suddenly saw Jane waiting outside the door. Wibul felt confused, so he signaled to stop the meal, he sent someone to bring Jane in to ask. She was brought inside by one of his servants, and immediately felt a little awkward. Wibul sees that and says:
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