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Chapter 41 Hidden rules of the contest

  • Jane answered with a smile instead of greeting in return, she took her vacant position and took out the ingredients. She observed that this room had been cleared of excess items, leaving only a large long table placed in the center of the kitchen. And it has been divided into cells, each person will have a small space to cook, it is separated by a chalk line. The place was quite open and spacious, so no one touched each other and bothered, they focused on their exam and finished the dishes that their master ordered.
  • There were only two empty slots next to Jane, and it was filled up in about ten minutes. If you don't hurry, I'm afraid there won't be room for you to cook and you will be disqualified from the competition. The rest of the people went to the kitchen, they found out that the seats were full, they had to step out and be eliminated.
  • It seems that Jane is quite lucky with that, she once imagined herself being eliminated and the most annoying and awkward person was the owner Brian. Because he only has her as a servant, if she is eliminated, the people in this mansion will discuss and ridicule her. So right now, Jane can breathe a little sigh of relief.
  • The rest of the time, she will focus on cooking, completing the four dishes he has ordered. Jane looked back at her four-course list, took a deep breath and focused on the first dish, fish and potatoes. A dish whose name already includes ingredients, so Jane can quickly figure out what basic ingredients she needs to complete the dish.
  • Jane laid out the utensils on the table, then looked at them once, then she looked at the servants standing beside her, all very focused and busy with the dishes on their list. Jane looked at the ingredients on the table and thought to herself:
  • “Fish and potatoes. Is this dish similar to the fried fish I used to make when I lived in the Harvet family? I don't know what its recipe is?"
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