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Chapter 47 A new place to hide

  • Soon after, Mr. Wibul had enjoyed the food until his stomach was full, so he motioned for Mrs. Chesa to go for a walk with him. She obeyed, before leaving, Chesa sent housekeepers Allen and Bonie to assign servants to clean up all that was left of the contest, including cleaning utensils and tables, food, materials, etc. in the contest.
  • As for Jane, she ran out of the room and found a hidden place in this mansion so that no one could find her just to cry. That made Brian more worried and impatient than ever, he knew she was very sad and wanted to comfort her, so he and his butler Allen searched everywhere in the mansion for two hours but still couldn't find her. Brian is still searching for Jane even though it's midnight.
  • Jane ran and ran when she left that room, she really didn't know where she should go. She kept running while wiping her tears and Jane suddenly remembered it, the corner of the tree where she hid and was not found by Brian. Therefore, Jane quickly went to that place, she did not have a flashlight to illuminate when all the surrounding scenes fell into darkness, which was very detrimental to her. Therefore, Jane tripped many times when running to that place.
  • Each time she tried to stand up and hold back so as not to cry louder. At this time, Jane realizes that she is really a girl who is too weak, she is not strong because she is always afraid and likes to run away from the present. And just like that, Jane let the darkness surround her, because there she felt safer and more comforted.
  • Finally, after a while of falling and groping, she also reached her own familiar hiding place. But Jane discovers that it has been removed by someone else, now it is just an empty place. Jane sadly moved away, she went up a little, to the left of the barn near the kitchen.
  • Fortunately, Jane discovered another warehouse and it seemed quite old, Jane stopped and watched. She noticed that it was no longer used very often and that some of the wheat had molded in it. Outside, the winds were blowing colder and colder, the little girl needed a place to take temporary shelter and she determined it was here. Jane needed to find a place to step inside, but the darkness was too much for her, so Jane had to slowly groped around and found a place to open the door. In her opinion, it was an ancient designed door. It had a carefully crafted wooden clasp and a hook that was closed next to the opening.
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