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Chapter 38 Lady Zola's Will

  • Mr. Norton was about to say something, but was warned by Mrs. Sadie, Mrs. Viona - Norton's adoptive mother motioned for him to stay calm, to sit still and listen to the will that lawyer Vance was about to read. Vance looked around the room for a moment and took out the will and read it aloud:
  • "Testament…
  • I am Zola Beswick, wife of Sir Norton Bollton, owner of a chain of fashion stores called Ritaya and the largest shareholder of Palamoka Trading Company, the current company of which my husband is general CEO replaced me. I am a woman who loves and trusts my husband very much, so most of the assets I hold are in his custody, including the Bollton mansion. The place that belonged to me before. But out of boundless love, I gave it back to Norton.
  • And today is a good day and also the happiest day for me when the Zomasha hotel chain has been completed, it will be put into operation by the end of this year. That is the result that I have after a long time of accumulating money and building. My mother is so proud of me that her daughter has done that.
  • But because to have it, I sacrificed my health, I found myself getting weaker and weaker. So to prepare for the following days in the future. I decided to make this will one night after the day Zomasha was active. That's when I send some of my midnight time, quietly watching Norton sleep in his bed after a hard day's work. I went to my desk and wrote these words down.
  • My dear Henry, I want to give the best for you and right now too. You are a priceless gift that God has brought into my life. I know you are a smart and talented child, since you were three years old, you have shown your genius ability. And that makes me happy, proud and confident in my son. I have come to the biggest decision of my life that I will give the Zomasha hotel chain and the Palamoka trading company to Henry Bollton when you turn twenty-four years old, and at the same time you will marry with a beautiful wife and have children with her.
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