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Chapter 35 Lawrence's family dinner

  • In the evening at the Lawrence mansion, the meeting room in a large hall has the appearance of a long dining table that makes the place more bustling. On the dining table are the servants arranged neatly and in line with the items on the table including plates, knives, forks, wine glasses, flower vases and napkins are decorated very beautifully.
  • This is a good opportunity for Jane to practice what she has learned today, so she will not refuse it. She sat focused on folding napkins into boats and neatly placing them on plates. Perhaps today was just a family meal together, so Mr. Wibul didn't pay too much attention to the presentation, he just ordered people to cook normal dishes like every other day.
  • Brian was the first to come here with Jane, because she wanted to come here early to fold the napkins, so he also pleased her and came along. Brian sat to one side and quietly watched Jane sitting next to him fold the towel, she seemed interested in this, so she sat next to him and worked hard at it.
  • When Jane did not remember anything, he immediately instructed her, which made her even more embarrassed because in front of Jane now, Brian was gentle and gentle, unlike the rude and aggressive man she had encountered a few day ago. Jane was really not used to it, she felt very strange and even felt his sweetness.
  • The person who entered the next room was Matthew, he seemed to have just returned from somewhere, so his face looked a bit tired and scowled. He sat drinking alone with the care of the maid Holy, his hot and sexy mistress. The two were drinking and cuddling each other, talking to each other and giggling.
  • A few minutes later, when it was time for the Lawrence family to eat, Mr. Wibul entered with his beautiful wife Chesa, followed by her maid Tess, who was quietly observing everything in this room.
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