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Chapter 17 Dr Henry

  • While Henry arrived at Matida's house, Wendy woke up from a day's sleep in the hospital bed, while she was still drunk with anesthetic and in pain from her leg injury, so she tiredly sat up and looked around her place living. She found herself changed into a new set of clothes, which was a thin dress of pure white, a clean body, carefully combed hair. Wendy was a bit afraid of that, because no one had ever been so kind to her before, letting her dress like this. Wendy is skeptical about the kindness of others towards her, she says to herself:
  • “Isn't Demut going to kill me? There's no reason why she should be so nice to me. It's not safe, I have to get out of here quickly. ”
  • Wendy stood up to look at this place to find the way out, but was amazed at the lavish and splendid scenery, never before had Wendy seen such a beautiful room with ancient white walls mixed with light brown vintage, they were hung with expensive paintings and objects, luxury modern items she had seen in an rich family, pictures on  newspaper, they were very formal and aristocratic. Wendy backed to the right, carelessly bumping into a rather large table with medical equipment, causing them to drop a few small boxes of medicine, she hurriedly picked it up and continued to find a place to hide.
  • What's more special is that this place makes Wendy feel uncomfortable because the surrounding is very clean, everything is arranged in an orderly manner,  making her stuffy when staying here. So the decision to escape was right, Wendy immediately ran to the large door and opened it. But no, Wendy couldn't open it because it was locked from the outside, and she was locked inside. She banged on the door and shouted:
  • “Why did you keep me here? Open the door, let me out. "
  • Without any outside noise, everything was eerily quiet. Wendy was more and more scared, she was forced to get out of this place, so she went back into the room to find a window to get out, but it was all locked and fenced.
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