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Chapter 24 Condition

  • That nightmare woke Wendy up, she opened her eyes and looked around and discovered Henry was sitting at his desk, busy with his documents. He saw Wendy waking up and curiously asked:
  • "Having a nightmare?"
  • Wendy sadly did not answer, she sat on the bed curled up inside the warm blanket. Henry feel a little confused, he quickly stopped processing the documents on the table, walked over to Wendy's bed and sat down next to him. He slowly lifted a cup of tea to his mouth to enjoy and sat there silently watching Wendy.
  • She was a little scared of this man and slowly backed away as he looked at Wendy with a mixture of interest and attention. Wendy confusedly looked at Henry stealthily, she silently observed this guy, when yesterday she was put in a sudden situation so she still could not see his appearance clearly, now sitting opposite him directly. With him, she had the opportunity to take a closer look at him.
  • Henry wore thick glasses with a calm, knowledgeable look, a far cry from the demonic form she'd seen him before. And he has thick black hair, thick eyebrows, handsome face, tall, and small mouth corners, they are beautiful and attract Wendy. But no matter how handsome he looks, Wendy still hates him because he abused her and tried to force her yesterday. Also, Henry treats her well, which really baffled Wendy with it. So who is he, what kind of person, is he a good person or a bad person? Why did he act like that and keep her in this room?
  • Hundreds of questions were asked that made her feel extremely uncomfortable, she could not be immersed in the quiet space of this room, so she asked:
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