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Chapter 53 The woman is impatient

  • For a long time Mrs. Farim had been waiting in the parlor and still did not see her husband back, she was impatient and had a nasty attitude towards Gula when she sent her to bring more food for Farim to enjoy. She angrily asked Gula:
  • “Hey, where is Mr. Norton now? Why has it been several hours and he still hasn't come back? Did it take that long to tour this house?”
  • Gula bowed politely and said:
  • “My lady, the tour of Mr. Norton's house has been completed before that. Now, he is playing chess with Master Henry in the garden behind the mansion."
  • Hearing that, Farim stood up and yelled at Gula:
  • “Oh my god, why didn't you tell me sooner? For the past few hours you have remained silent and treated me like an idiot? Do you know how much you wasted my time?”
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