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Chapter 3 Missing

  • The next day, while preparing breakfast for Mrs. Matida in the kitchen, Mrs. Dina chased and beat Tom again when the cunning cat ate her strawberry jam. While Mr. Winston had returned home with his compact luggage outside in the yard.
  • He returned from his short business trip, the trip was supposed to be longer according to the plan, but he missed wife, so he arranged and handled the work to return soon.
  • Both of them hugged and greeted each other, Mr. Winston hurried into the room to visit his daughter Elise. He picked her up in his arms and kissed her on the forehead, making Elise grin. Mrs. Matida stood there looking happy too.
  • Suddenly Mr. Winston received a phone call, he quickly gave Elise to his wife to carry. Winston picked up the phone and realized it was Arlo, as soon as he knew that Winston had just returned home, he immediately invited Winston to a pub to make a few bottles of beer, Mr. Winston had no idea and nodded in agreement. He kissed Matida lightly on the forehead and then left the house, he quickly drove to the meeting place to meet his friend.
  • Mr Arlo had been waiting for Winston in the bar before when he had already finished a bottle of wine on the table. When he saw Winston come in, he greeted his friend with a warm embrace, pouring wine for Winston as he sat at the table.
  • Mr. Winston does not know that the danger is in front of him, not stopping there, it also happens inside the home of his beloved wife Matida and daughter Elise, the relatives he loves most.
  • At Matida's house, a strange man sneaked into the back of the kitchen, he slowly made his way up to the living room, watching as he walked to see if anyone saw him. He opened the large backpack slung over his shoulder to take out a large water bottle, he poured it all over the house, then sneaked to the back of the kitchen and stealthily took a few more large pots hidden outside.
  • He poured all the water tanks all over the house, then he lit a fire and quickly found his way out. The fire burned quickly in the house.
  • At the same time, after Mrs. Matida lulled Elise to sleep in the crib, she climbed into bed to rest, suddenly feeling that the surroundings were hotter than ever, she felt hot inside as if someone was burning her along with a hot dog burnt smell. She immediately opened the door to look outside and saw flames burning everywhere. Matida panicked and called Dina while the maid was sleeping in her room.
  • Dina quickly ran out, but was extremely frightened by the scene unfolding in front of her eyes, everything was engulfed in flames, the heat spread all over her body, while Dina was confused and didn't know what to do, a wooden stick fell in front of her scared her to scream.
  • The fire grew bigger, making the air suffocating, Matida tried to open the door to call for help from the outside, she rushed over to the cradle and picked Elise on her body, Matida was about to run out of the room when the fire knocked over, a large pillar pour down in the house, they fell in front of Matida blocking the window, she had to step back, the next pillar fell, it aimed straight at Matida, she was lucky to dodge them .
  • The atmosphere in the room became even more oppressive. It's not good for the baby, Matida carefully covers Elise with a towel, if she waits for someone to save her, she's afraid Elise won't be okay. Thinking like that, Matida hurriedly took the blanket from the bed and took it with her. She was about to run out of the room when she was interrupted by a large wooden bar, which fell and burned her leg.
  • Matida tried to fight the pain to get up but couldn't, she couldn't give up right now, she looked at Elise sleeping soundly in her arms and then Matida looked at the gap connecting the outside. She immediately called Dina back, Dina heard the owner calling and ran to the place where she was stuck.
  • Matida took advantage of the time the fire subsided, she quickly carried Elise to Dina through the gap blocked by the wooden stick. She asks Dina to carry Elise out. Matida says:
  • “Dina, please bring Elise out for me, call someone to help. Hurry up."
  • Dina hugged Elisa tightly in her arms, she hesitated because she was still worried about Matida. Dina replied:
  • "What about the mistress?"
  • Matida shouted loudly:
  • “Hurry, get out and call for help.”
  • Dina did not hesitate any longer and wrapped the blanket that Matida had given, she put it on body, hugged Elise to her chest and tried to get out.
  • Fortunately, Dina ran out smoothly, she called everyone to help, a few ambulances received the news and ran immediately. Dina hugged Elise in her arms and stood nearby nervously, and then suddenly a few passersby distracted her.
  • Dina suddenly saw a car with a familiar color in the distance, she ran to see it only to discover that it was not Mr. Winston's car, it just had the same color. Then the car suddenly drove away, it turned out that the driver just stopped by the side of the road to answer the phone.
  • The car just now reminded her of Mr. Winston, he had said that he had been to the pub nearby, probably the place where Mrs. Matida and Mr. Winston had had the opportunity to stop by after they had gone shopping together in the past. She wanted to call Winston but didn't bring her phone with her, so Dina carried Elise to Mr. Winston to report the house on fire.
  • She took a taxi to a nearby pub to look for Mr. Winston, she went in and looked around but couldn't find it. She asked the waiter and they said there was no such guest here. Dina carried Elise sadly out, she looked at the busy traffic passing nearby, making her head dizzy a little. She pulled over to the side of the road to rest for a while to regain her composure, then she suddenly became strange and bewildered at this place.
  • Dina searched for the sticky notes on body, she couldn't find anything because she ran out in such a hurry that she didn't bring anything. She held Elise in her arms, wondering why she was here, and what she was doing here.
  • She had forgotten that she had just escaped from a fire and Matida was crying inside, waiting for help. She remembered that Matida had told her to go buy some fruit yesterday, so she carried Elise to the nearby grocery store to buy.
  • Dina was carrying Dina while holding a small bag of fruit in her hand. She walked home because she did not have enough money to take public transport or taxi. She wandered for a while to find her way back because she couldn't remember the exact address of the house, if there was a note here, it would be great, she would quickly return home and not in the situation of wandering on the street.
  • Dina walked for more than an hour when got lost, Dina didn't know where she was anymore. Dina stopped by the side of the road to rest for a bit, then she remembered that a few days before, Mr. Winston had said that he would go to the pier to pay for something, so she thought maybe Mr. Winston was there right now. She forgot again that Mr. Winston had gone to meet his friends in a pub.
  • So Dina took Elise to the pier, walked a little, then she met a nice taxi driver, who took her and Elise to the pier faster. She sat on taxi to hug Elise in her lap, she was very unfamiliar with everything around, she just wished she could quickly come the pier to meet Mr. Winston.
  • The taxi driver dropped Mrs. Dina off the dock, she thanked quickly and then ran back to the ships to look for Mr. Winston. Dina looked for a while but still couldn't find him, she became more and more worried and scared. At this time Elise was awake, she was crying because of lack of milk. Dina was drowned out by Elise's cry, her mind becoming more confused.
  • She quickly ran to find milk for Elise to drink, Dina only had a few cents left so she couldn't buy milk for Elise, suddenly a woman carrying her child passed by, Dina ventured to ask her for some milk, the woman She was very kind, immediately gave some of her milk to Dina.
  • Dina gave Elise milk to drink, baby fell asleep peacefully, Dina sat holding Elise and rocking gently for a while, then suddenly she felt like going to the toilet. So Dina went to a nearby public toilet next to the port's cargo area.
  • She had to put Elise inside a cargo box and carefully cover it. Dina planned to hurry and go back to where Elise was, but things didn't turn out the way she had expected. When Dina returned, the box she left Elise was gone. She panicked and ran everywhere looking for Elise.