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Chapter 43 Last dish

  • Jane found a place and sat down, her mood dropped, her heart suddenly heavier than ever. And just like that, tears welled up in her eyes. Yes, Jane cried. For the first time, she felt sad and down like this. That's it, nothing new. Just a fleeting sadness. So Jane lost, there was nothing left to save. Because in the first place, she inherently lost when she had absolutely no idea how to cook those dishes.
  • But Jane was also quite happy and proud of herself. Because she did not give up, Jane cooked them with all she knew, with all her little heart, regardless of whether they were correct in the way or not? She just kept doing them as she thought. Jane did all she could and she had a little fun with it. She thought to herself:
  • “It's okay, I did it very well. I'm just unlucky in this contest. I tried to complete it with all my might. All is fine, it's okay. It's just a loss, I hope master will understand without blaming me."
  • Jane encouraged herself to do so, but inside she was still sad. Jane sat down, clutching her knees, hunched over in a corner, and looked down at the ground, letting sadness overwhelm her for a moment. And then, when she saw the wheels of an approaching wheelchair, Jane curiously looked up and saw Brian. Surprised, she asked:
  • “Why are you here?”
  • Brian had a questioning look on his face, pushed the wheelchair towards her and replied:
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