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Chapter 37 Family meeting

  • The next morning, Henry went to the hospital to work as usual, but today there was a small event in the afternoon, which was a dinner at the Bollton mansion. Because of that, he will come home later, Henry has instructed Gula, his maid, to bring food to Wendy when she wakes up. On his side, he hurriedly handled the work at the hospital and then went to Bollton to attend. Henry didn't want to go there at all, so he ignored Ingo's butler's texts repeatedly reminding him of this afternoon's date.
  • But he had to come and when Henry had just finished his work, he looked at his watch and found that there were about thirty left, he hastily arranged the documents on the table and took a bag of things to change clothes on his body. Henry hurried down to the parking lot and drove to the Bollton mansion.
  • A few minutes later, he was there, a magnificent mansion with a massive front gate. Outside in the yard, there are a few cars already parked, Mrs. Viona and her son Rud wearing expensive and trendy clothes are leisurely entering. When they saw Henry, they asked:
  • “Oh, isn't this my grandson? I haven't seen you in a long time, I thought you disappeared and won't come back."
  • Henry gave a sarcastic smile and replied:
  • "Hello, Lady Viona and Mr. Rud, how are you?"
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