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Chapter 10 Master Brian

  • Far away in the ocean, a big modern city with a huge building, a woman sitting on the porch, holding a picture of her daughter with a sad face, Matida didn't know that she was looking how long ago was Alise , since the day her husband was murdered in a pub was unknown. Time just like that involuntarily passed, leaving deep nostalgia in the old heart of a mother who yearned to find Alise day by day.
  • It was not until Mr. Arthur, the new husband who took care of Matida, came out, sat next to her and hugged her tightly to comfort her, put on a coat to keep her warm, did she show a slight smile on her lips. And both of them entered the house together, leaving behind the corner of the yard the sky was dark and the rain began to fall heavily.
  • As passed along the palatial buildings, a large mansion appeared, a young man with messy brown hair struggling in bed with the nightmare he was dreaming. Brian is a young man about twenty-three years old, tall and thin, with a cold angular face and closed eyes uneasily absorbed in his dream, as if he wants to wake up but sleep still tries to hold him. His brows furrowed and his hand gripped the blanket tightly and wouldn't let go, a fear, an excruciating pain etched on his face. Brian's forehead was drenched with sweat and his feet squirmed inside the blanket covered. It seemed that the strong movement of his leg was causing him more pain than ever.
  • What had Brian dreamed of looking so miserable? Does't he want it to happen again? It seems that a rich young man like Brian has also encountered many great events in this whirlpool of life.
  • In the dream, it is a wide road with crowds of people passing by on both sides of the road with loud shouts and cheers for the cars that are turning loud and noisy to rub against the hot road.  More than anyone, they do so to flaunt their own wealth. Brian sat inside a dark red car, whistling leisurely and with a sarcastic smile on his lips, looking to the side to try to provoke his opponent, David, a senior in his school.
  • David originally hated Brian, but because Brian was rich and powerful, he still did not dare to do anything too much, even though in his heart he hated and wanted to kill Brian himself to vent his anger. As for Brian, he was indifferent to it because it was not a legitimate concern for him to care about. Because around Brian there are a lot of people who don't like him, no matter how nice and friendly they pretend to be on the outside, Brian knows all of that, but he is indifferent and ignored.
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