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Chapter 52 Hopeless Resistance

  • Norton looked at it and watched in awe like a contemplative of a work of art. There was something new and fascinating about the painting that drew him in as soon as he saw it. Norton looked at the picture and thoughtfully said:
  • “Picture of a pristine forest? Where there are animals hiding in the nearby large trees that if one does not look closely, it will be difficult to spot. It seems that its space is a bit murky with dark tones. And look, the sky above is not dark at all, it uses light and light tones to highlight the contrast between two different tones in the picture, it is light and dark.”
  • Henry smiled slightly when he heard his father's comments, he said:
  • “Yes, it carries an opposite, that is why it will never blend and melt into each other. But it still has to stay like that, they are all in a cramped picture and can't get out because the artist has conditioned and created them like that."
  • Mr. Norton burst out laughing.
  • “I am amazed at the beauty of this painting and your comments. They are really not as simple as they appear on the surface that we think, they all have a deep meaning. More than that, most paintings are like that, they carry a message, a meaning and sometimes a warning and clearly depict something. That's why I am excited and don't feel bored every time we enjoy the paintings."
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