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Chapter 8 The passage of time

  • Pearl carried the baby into a shabby house on island, where she and her husband Havet lived together. She looked around and found that he wasn't home right now, she said with a bored expression:
  • "He's probably at the casino again."
  • She doesn't care about Havet anymore, Pearl ignores everything, she takes care of Elise as carefully as her own child. In response to that affection, baby smiled at her making her happier than ever. And so Pearl named her Jane, a name dear and cherished with all the sincere affection she had.
  • In the evening, Mr. Havet returned home with a strong odor of alcohol on his body after he had lost all his money at his beloved casino. Havet constantly expressed irritation and annoyance with whispering curses in his mouth because everything happened today was not as he wanted.
  • He entered the house and saw his poor wife taking care of a newborn baby, he was very surprised, quickly ran to see. Havet looked at the child and then at Pearl, he angrily shouted:
  • “Whose child is this? Your child is married to a man outside, right?"
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